Check your supplier for quality and compliance

Smart Vendor Assessment with Strix Smart Assessments

The aim of a comprehensive supplier evaluation

In order to verify the safety and reliability of procured goods, equipment or services, buyers must ensure that suppliers meet all quality requirements and that manufacturing and transport procedures comply with applicable regulations and standards.

Support for different kind of assessments

Support for multiple assessment types

We support different assessment types for the evaluation of suppliers:

  • Gap Assessment
  • Risk Assessment

Definition of requirements

We support you in structuring and defining your requirements for the supplier:

  • Define categories and requirements for your assessment.
  • Define optional criticalities for the categories and requirements in order to perform a risk-based assessment.
  • Do you already have these requirements available in a document or spreadsheet? Perfect: Use our import function!
  • You can monitor and track requirement changes via version control.
catogires and requirements definition for vendor assessments
inventory for vendor assessment

Creation of vendors

The management of the suppliers to be checked is done via inventory items:

  • Create an inventory item for each supplier to be evaluated.
  • You already have the suppliers in a document or system? Perfect: Use our import function!

Support in the evaluation phase

During the check of your suppliers you have further options:

  • Start the assessment for each supplier and invite a responsible person of the supplier as contributor. The supplier is invited to the assessment and can evaluate the requirements online for himself.
  • Check the progress of the supplier assessment in real time on the assessment dashboard.
  • Once a supplier has answered all questions, complete the supplier's assessment.
dashboard showing the result while in the evaluation phase of vendor assessment
remediation pahse of vendor assessment

Evaluation and Monitoring

With Strix Smart Assessment you can evaluate the results, derive measures and monitor:

  • Create a gap report of the requirements that were not met by a supplier.
  • Define the measures to fill the gaps and monitor the implementation.

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