Gap Assessment

Gain compliance oversight

Gap assessment is the most common type of assessment. A gap assessment checks whether certain requirements are met or not. These can be regulatory requirements such as those frequently imposed by authorities (laws, specifications, guidelines) or simply whether certain desired or required conditions are fulfilled.

The requirements are formulated in such a way that a simple answer to a question with Yes, No or not applicable is possible.

Since the aim of this assessment is to uncover existing gaps, the questions of the requirements should also be formulated in such a way that the answer to the question with "no" reveals a gap.

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Find gaps in your organisation

Find your gaps

The gap assessment can be used to check whether your organisation meets all internal/external requirements e.g. Data Integrity Compliance, GDPR, GxP, Cyber Security.

For example, you can also assess whether documents comply with a certain standard, whether a vendor has delivered all the necessary components, documents, and systems for a complex project, or whether all the necessary measures have been taken to roll out a system.

Mitigate your gaps

The result of a gap assessment is a report on the gaps found (all questions answered with "No") and, if required, a complete report of the assessment with all answers as documentation and proof of the assessment carried out.

In addition to the actual assessments, Strix also supports the implementation and follow-up of measures to eliminate gaps. During the assessment, measures can be described immediately, if necessary, and delegated to a responsible person with a completion date.

Mitigate your gaps